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Spectrum Commercial Coatings is....
...... a Martinez and Ersley family owned company that provides full-service painting for commercial buildings. We are skilled at applying all types of floor and wall coverings, including Sherwin Williams General Polymers. We perform industry specific painting, including Pharmaceutical, Medical and New Commercial Construction. There is a lot more to commercial interior painting than just brushing, rolling or spraying a coating on a substrate. Preparation for painting, particularly on rehabilitation jobs, can be very involved and require elaborate equipment and technical expertise. In commercial painting and repaints there is usually production and office equipment and furniture to protect and requires proper project coordination to assure the smooth, non-disruptive flow of the work. Commercial interior painting often calls for specialized coatings because of environmental and high traffic concerns. The right equipment and expertise are required for the proper application of highly technical coatings. Unlike some of the other painting companies in the area, these production elements are readily available at Spectrum Commercial Coatings. The highly experienced staff of project coordinators and applicators is familiar with the equipment and coatings materials to assure owners of the best possible experience in any commercial interior painting project. Our pros apply coatings to ceilings, walls and floors with attention to detail and care for the surrounding elements of the room. They apply acrylic ceiling and wall textures as well as latex paints. They finish floors in a wide variety of materials formulated to provide attractive, durable, high-traffic surfaces. Spectrum Commercial Coatings is a one-stop source of all commercial interior painting projects, large or small. Spectrum Commercial Coatings is headquartered in the Triangle Region of North Carolina and from this central point we dispatch crews to projects throughout the entire state of North Carolina. We serve any professional commercial coatings needs within the state of North Carolina. We have experience in every type of commercial structure. The estimating and project coordination experts at Spectrum Commercial Coatings are available to assist in every step of a commercial interior painting project. We work with owners on budgeting, with general contractors on the critical flow chart for the coatings part of their contracts and with designers on materials and color selections. Where coatings are the majority of a contract, we assume the overall project coordination and completion responsibilities. We take pride in our work and do everything humanly possible to assure a successful completion of the job. When a project is done right the first time, the proper material is used by highly qualified applicators and the job is done with minimum disruption to an active business, it is well worth the money spent. It really costs no more to get the very best.